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Information about John Marshall the man, in case you were wondering about him.

John Marshall was born September 24, 1755, in Prince William County (now Fauquier County), Virginia, son of Thomas Marshall and Mary Randolph Keith. John’s mother was related to Thomas Jefferson through the Randolph family. John was only formally educated for brief periods of time in his youth. In 1780 he had a six week stay at William and Mary College where he attended George Wythe’s law lectures.

Both John and his father Thomas were in the Revolutionary War. Thomas started the war as a major, and ended the war as a full colonel commanding Yorktown. John started the war as a lieutenant and finished the war as a captain. It was during the war that John met the love of his life and his future wife, Mary Ambler. Mary and John married on January 3, 1783. By the time of their marriage, John had already started practicing law and was a member of the Virginia Legislature. During the years 1782-1790 and 1795-1796, John was politically active and served in the Virginia House of Delegates.

In 1799 John ran for and won a seat in the House of Representatives. In 1800 President John Adams appointed John Secretary of State. In 1801 Adams appointed him Chief Justice of the United States. Marshall kept the title of Chief Justice for 34 years.

John and Mary were married for 48 years until Mary died on December 25, 1831. John remained alone until his death in 1835 in Philadelphia. His body was brought back for burial in Shockoe Valley Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

John Marshall

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