History of Our Chapter

The John Marshall Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) was organized January 12, 1892, and was named in honor of John Marshall. For more information on John Marshall, you can go to our page, “About John Marshall – The Man.”

On the fifteenth day of September, 1891, Mrs. Caroline Scott Harrison, wife of President Benjamin Harrison from Indiana, First Lady of the land and President General of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, appointed Mrs. Sally Moore Ewing Pope to be Regent of Louisville. Mrs. Pope proceeded to organize a chapter that met on January 11, 1892. Officers were elected and John Marshall chosen to be the name of the chapter. A charter, the fourth one to be issued nationally, was dated March 14, 1892. The charter was signed by Caroline Scott Harrison, wife of President Benjamin Harrison, and by Mrs. Simon Bolivar Buckner, wife of the Governor of Kentucky. Mrs. Buckner became the first State Regent, and we are also proud to say that she was also a John Marshall Chapter member. Through Mrs. Pope’s efforts, John Marshall Chapter got off to a successful start. She entertained the members monthly for almost a year, in her own home. Mrs. Pope attended, at her own expense, the Continental Congress of the Daughters of the American Revolution held in Washington D.C. every February until 1894, when the chapter voted $30.00 toward her expenses.

The following is a list of our Charter Members and Officers:

Charter Members

Regent – Mrs. Henry L. Pope (Sallie Ewing)
By descent: William Moore, Pennsylvania

Secretary – Miss Elvira Sydnor Miller
By descent: John O’Donnell, Virginia

Treasurer – Mrs. W. A. McKnight (Attia Porter)
By descent: Joseph Luckey, Pennsylvania

Registrar – Mrs. Ewing Eaches (Somerville Hayes)
By descent: James Slaughter, Virginia

List of Members

Mrs. Phillip T. Allin (Marie Lloyd Edwing Marshall)
By descent: John Marshall, Virginia

Mrs. J. D. Bondurant (Myrah Gray)
By descent: George Gray, Virginia

Mrs. Calvin Duke (Jennie Speed)
By descent: Joshua Fry, Virginia

Mrs. Ophelia Pope Lowe (Ophelia Pope)
By descent: William Pope, Virginia

Mrs. Catherine Ewing Hopkins
By descent: William Moore, Pennsylvania

Mrs. M. L. Miller (Ida Carson)
By descent: William Guthrie, South Carolina

Mrs. Bruce Morson (Claudia Marshall)
By descent: John Marshall, Virginia

Mrs. Dudley S. Reynolds (Mattie Bruce)
By descent: John Metcalfe, Virginia

Mrs. Ben H. Ridgely (Kate Eaches)
By descent: William Moore, Pennsylvania

Mrs. C. U. Schreve (Sally McCandless)
By descent: Thos. Truxtum, New York

Mrs. Jennie Ewing Speed
By descent: Pierce Butler, Pennsylvania

Mrs. Hite Thompson (Kate Hopkins)
By descent: William Moore, Pennsylvania

Our Past Regents
* Mrs. Sallie M Ewing Pope 1892
* Mrs. Philip Allin 1893
* Mrs. W. L. Lyons 1894
* Mrs. E. N. Maxwell 1896
* Mrs. W. L. Lyons 1897
* Mrs. Luke Blackburn 1898
* Mrs. Margaret Mitchell Bate 1900
* Mrs. Sarah Thruston Hughes 1902
* Mrs. Sallie M Ewing Pope 1904
* Mrs. Neville Bullitt 1906
* Mrs. George Wilson 1906
* Mrs. D. B. Sperry 1908
* Mrs. John L. Woodbury 1910
* Mrs. Ethric Roach 1912
* Mrs. Sallie Ewing Marshall Hardy 1914
* Mrs. H. A. Troxler 1916
* Mrs. J. B. Camp 1918
* Mrs. John W. Chenault 1920
* Miss Kate Chamberlin 1923
* Mrs. John W. Chenault 1925
* Mrs. Julia Reubelt 1927
* Mrs. William C. White 1929
* Mrs. James W. Beattie 1932
* Mrs. William C. White 1934
* Mrs. J. R. Gray 1935
* Miss Georgia Bocrie Kilvington 1937
* Mrs. F. Arnold Grever 1939
* Miss Georgia Bocrie Kilvington 1941
* Mrs. Harry P. Gorman, Sr 1944
* Mrs. W. C. Roehr 1947
* Mrs. William V. Hambleton 1950
* Mrs. T. Ewing Roberts 1952
* Mrs. Howard C. Forman 1954
* Mrs. W. R. R. LaVielle 1956
* Mrs. J. Douglas Streit 1959
* Mrs. Elwood L. Yeager 1961
* Mrs. L. Duncan Stokes 1962
* Mrs. Benjamin J. Clement 1963
* Mrs. Richard R. Richardson 1965
* Mrs. John Gottfried Lips 1967
Mrs. Watson Lyle Pearce 1969
* Mrs. Haynes Williams 1971
* Mrs. Denton R. Ransdell 1973
Mrs. Harry W. Neal 1975
* Mrs. John F. Eberman, Jr 1977
* Mrs. Terrence Ray Sherry 1979
Mrs. Harry W. Neal 1981
* Mrs. Benjamin H. Morris 1983
* Mrs. R. Howard Downing 1985
Mrs. Francis LeRoy Wortham 1987
* Mrs. Harry B. Peake 1989
Mrs. Rodolphus W. Reeves 1991
Mrs. Richard B. Lutz 1993
Mrs. Edgar Porter Harned 1995
* Mrs. Betty Davis Lowe 1997
Mrs. Carl C. Franklin 1999
Mrs. David H. Potter 2001
Mrs. Scott Malone 2005
Mrs. Shirley Whittaker-Burba 2007
* Deceased